Friday, September 18, 2015

THUS...the band in not just me anymore. The band is coming together better than I could have imagined in the last several years. I have no business playing with these guys and they certainly bring out my best. So far it's just the bassist - Steve Fassbender (or is tha Bassfender...?) and drummer Pat Conway. Both are top notch. With only the 3 of us it's starting to sound insanely good. 

Still the search for 2 singing guitarists is proving to be a 90 degree angle uphill battle. Either way the aim is still to begin performing publicly late autumn. I'm out tonight watching Pat play a set at Waxy O'Connor's in Foxboro MA. Killin it. It amazes me. I don't have the discipline to learn tons of other people's songs anymore. Props to Pat and his band Crunchy Monkey. Be well people. We'll be seeing you soon-----

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