Friday, November 28, 2014

Holiday Updates...

Thanksgiving is over (well not for me, headed over to my parents for yet ANOTHER turkey dinner, and hopefully some of those sweet rolls mom makes most years) but the holiday season is in full swing and that means THUS releases are approaching. The first album was released around New Years 2007,  and the remasters were let loose 12/12/12, though THUS II saw a definitive rerelease this year. I plan to let the final rerelease of the eponymous debut out next, along with the polished and mastered Unplugged EP. The first album has been done and mastered for several months already but I wanted some distance from it to hear definitively if it's ready for your iPod yet.

With rereleases pending there are probably a couple things on your mind...

When/where can I download the music?

There will soon be a download store at I'm weighing some options. I'll likely make them available on iTunes at some point for the exposure, but if you buy them from me, there's no middle man, I make a little more money for the music, and I can continue composing it, and you may keep enjoying it. Spanking!

With all these re-releases forthcoming, is THUS III being pushed back?

No. Quite the contrary. I'm generating interest in THUS with rereleases (simultaneously satisfying my not-so-inner perfectionist) True, III is not complete but steady progress is being made. I had really wanted it ready for an end of year release, but as I learned with the last album, the process cannot be rushed. At least I don't take 9 or 10 years like Tool.

You've mentioned THUS IV?? What's the deal?

IV is a reality. It is more than half finished. It is a lot like the 1st album in that the songs are a little shorter than II & III (III has a couple of my longest songs yet) and they are pretty steady rocking tunes. It's not a concept album, it's not gapless, and once it's released, that's it. No rereleases, remixes, remasters, etc. I've learned my lesson. I don't want to spend half my career as an archivist.

So there's a heap of updates. I hope you're surrounded by the people you want to be surrounded by, regardless of the holiday you're celebrating this month. 

Be safe and pig out~

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Live Unplugged EP selections this Saturday night...

My cousin Dan Scudieri and I are playing some tunes this weekend at Ambrosia tavern at 8 pm, including a couple of the Thus Unplugged EP tracks. If I can get some good video I'll post them~

Friday, November 7, 2014

Official THUS webpage launch!!

Hey - launched officially this week! Go check out tracks from THUS Unplugged and the newly remastered THUS II Standard Edition. Listen to and discover the history of each release, watch videos, get updates, and check out other Scudieri artists! Even share with the world on facebook. Go enjoy, please drop me a line with suggestions, and keep an eye out for lots more cool additions slated for the next few weeks...