Sunday, January 19, 2014

Shows, website, and NEW music: The 2014 411n

2013 turned out to be even more productive than '12. 'THUS Unplugged' EP has belatedly turned out terrific---the songs are up somewhere but I can't say just yet...
A huge creative burst took place after rerecording I & II. So much so that both THUS III & IV are under way. III is really coming along and I don't doubt you'll be hearing it by late spring. If you're following on Facebook you've seen progress, and recently a tentative track list for it. There's some serious exploration on the new one. IV is shaping up to be a fantastic, balls out, classic THUS record.
Finally, the official page is actually for all intents and purposes functioning, but I've really had a vision for this thing and I want it going live the way I want it. So not much longer.
2014 also sees a slew of live solo performances. I've already booked 3 dates and am booking more. Go visit for all things THUS related and  which is geared towards promoting solo performances. Go check them frequently as I will be maintaining them regularly.
I intend to move THUS forward and turn it into an unstoppable machine this year. Get in the front seat with me and let's go places...