Monday, July 28, 2008

Show this week...

Yes, I'm really postoing this at 6 30 in the morning on Monday. I slept for just over two hourts and I feel really refreshed.....probably causeI'm so excited that THUS has finally received the final link in its chain: Adam Sneider (spelling? hah-) New lead guitarist. I'm not going to talk himn up...just know that in order for a guitarist to joiin THUS at this point in time they have to be a real cut above the rest in every way. And Adam is. You'll see...possibly this Thursday night at Nostalgia in Warwick, possibly not...He's still taking the songs in, though by the time our next Mardi Gras date hits in September, he'll be fully assimilated. Yesterday Pete, Adam and I ajourned at THUS top secret headquarters to practice for the second time, just learning Adam the THUS. Walt I'm sure would not care to be at these meetings as they are purely geared toward Adam's proficiency in the tunes. Now that the tunes are sounding the way they are supposed to, we're getting Walt in on the action today...provided he's available. Either way THUS is finally the four piece I guess it was always supposed to be. Fate works in scrumptrilescent ways. Stay tuned for more boring posts by me: M

Monday, July 14, 2008


Don't lie. I know all you girls out there are photographers at heart. THUS embraces you. Bring your cameras to film/photgraph our nasty asses Wednesday night at Mardi Gras in Cranston, get em to us here and we'll use the good ones on the site. (don't worry about bad photos, i love bad ones) Below you will find FREE TIX to the show which you can simply print and stop worrying about asking your girlfriend/boyfriend/momdad/boss for an extra six bucks or whatever to see an awesome rock band. Until wednesday, treat yourself good, spank it, and keep it warmed up for us. Nothing to spank? Show up wednesday.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

FREE tickets to July 16 show

HEY...Thus is back online. While we're gassing up for July 16, you can print your own tickets below, since hardly any of you know me personally to distribute them.
This is a printable page of tickets to the Mardi Gras show on July 16, which will result in your free admission to beer and THUS. You can print out as many as you want. Visit them on the web at Ok...time to go scheduling....later

July 16tickets