Monday, September 29, 2008

PRINT TIX HERE For THUS @ Mardi Gras 10-4

Thus is playing Mardi Gras/.JR's again this Saturday night. It's our first Saturday night there so we're opening...get there about 9/9:30. Print your tickets below.

The Other Night

Thus would like to thank Purgatory for having us play with them Saturday night. The sound was excellent, as was the venue. I had a great time playing and then catching the show afterwards. Such a good time, in fact that I left my leather jacket there. Now I have to re-discipline my image somehow. Either way, thanks again for a fun night guys! -M

Shows and Merch

Hey jerks

Just a little news about some new products and upcoming shows.We've got a bunch of shoews coming up in the next few weeks/months. This coming Saturday the 27th Thus will be appearing at the Sandy Bottom in Coventry with Purgatory - an awesome Iron Maiden Tribute.We'll be at Mardi Gras once more on October 4th - we'd like to thank them for giving us a hack at a Saturday night...hopefully you all can make it? On October 17, we're at Jerky's with none other than Penrose and A Faylene Sky - both great bands.We are also in talks with the folks at Snookers to have a Green Room night which Ms. North is sexy - I mean setting up for us. I'm looking into some special merch items for ya'll as in t-shirts, deodorant (it smells like our drummer!), tampons, etc...So keep an eye out. Ultimately, I'd like to have the cd repro'd professionally which I'm really close to doing. The jadcket design is great. As soon as those are in, I'm going to work something out with the head office of Newbury Comics and get us on the shelves...and we will certainly be available on itunes in the near future. So stay with us and we'll stay with you. XOXOXOXOM