Saturday, March 31, 2012

March/April 2012 411

Yes, I've been somewhat flighty lately. Rest assured, many great things THUS related are in the works. I've been working hard to get THUS II Standard Edition up to par...and I'm working on something ELSE you don't know about, but you'll be very very pleased with. I want to tell you so bad...but I think this surprise is best kept close to the vest for now. I'm in talks with some professional designers/programmers who are making my website dreams come true. (You should see this thing! WOW)
In the mean time, do you know any THUS worthy pro musicians? Ugh. It sucks looking for people who will rock this $hit properly. Anyhow, I'll admit I've taken a little time off this past week with the passing of my beagle :( and being pretty sick on top of it the last week. THUS is getting me through it though. I know things have been quiet for a long time, but if you keep your ears to the ground, there's distant rumbles...there's a lot around the corner. It just takes time...heh heh heh...

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

THUS II Standard Edition: near completion

I've just officially pulled an all nighter (again) polishing up THUS II...and I couldn't be happier! The sounds are coming through clearer than ever, vocals nice and clean, guitars much higher fidelity, beautiful bass re-recordings...I'm realizing how awesome these songs actually are for the first time now that I'm going back and pushing my production limits beyond anything I've done before. When I finish production this week, it will at long last be the end of this record. After all the crap I went through for the last 3 1/2 years, I never gave up, never settled and saw this thing through. What YOU will get is the epic standard version of THUS II which plays like a normal album with gaps between the songs...I think this is my preferred version of the record. It's got a different track order than the one released in April 2011, with a new and improved flow. Buy what am I saying?? I still have more than half tge job ahead of me! Wish me luck this week as I kick this thing once and for all. When it's done, you'll know...