Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Upcoming Shows

Hello conchos….
Thus is booking all over RI this week, and we’re kicking off our summer with an appearance at Mardi Gras in Warwick on July 16 (its a Wednesday) at 8:00 pm so be sure to come check us out. You can get in for free by visiting www.myspace.com/thusissexy, printing out tickets, and showing em at the door. Or you can see me and get as many as you want, also free! As soon as I have more shows, I’ll let you all know. Later…don’t wank too hard.

Thursday, June 5, 2008


While the band pushes through a transition period, gearing up for new shows and developing a final lineup, we will keep you in our sphere with this, our new blog. The new drummer, who is neither a robot made out of a trashcan and discarded harley mufflers, nor a temp without the wits to hack THUS, kicks ass. I have reclaimed guitar duties while continuing to sing for theband. The drummer has been of the utmost imortance in my decision for this undertaking. All we need is to find the bassist who will not disrupt the delicate, metaphysical element the drummer and I have manifest together. Thus is not flying at the moment, but we are asking you to put your seats in their full and upright positions as we prepare for takeoff this summer. Be ready come August. THUS sounds better than ever…the was it was always meant to.