Monday, August 13, 2012

Why a 'THUS II' Rerelease?

Yes. I already released THUS II in April 2011. There were several reasons for this 2012 rerelease. The album was originally built up from demos which were complicated even in demo form. So the fidelity was somewhat flawed. On top of that I was having difficulty with the entire writing process. 16 tracks, 2 of them acapella, was a hefty workload. Releasing the album and spending some time away from it gave me perspective on what I had accomplished- and what I'd skipped or fallen short of. I'm never happy until the music sounds the way I hear it in my head. So after a couple other music projects throughout 2011, I started 2012 out demoing THUS material for a third album, but realized I was still unhappy with THUS I & II sound-wise, and writing/production-wise respectively. {there's a giant clue as to the Secret Project I've been mentioning all year~}    So what differences are you going to hear in these new, 'cleaned up' recordings? Superior sound quality for one. Every track has received it's own painstaking production overhaul to achieve a professional, noise free, mastered sound. In other words, it sounds like something you'd buy in a store or on iTunes.  So you'll hear nicer sounding guitars, clearer drums, and lots of freshly recorded vocals. But that's only the beginning. The writing itself has been reviewed and streamlined for much more pleasurable listening. So some performances have been tightened up, some sections have received add ons, some areas even have new instruments. A few melodies were improved upon and resung, as my voice went through a bit of a downslope during the initial writing/recording process 2008-2010 when I recorded initial vocal tracks - many of which remained in the 2011 release. So that's all been fixed.  Overall, it's just a better album now. You'll immediately hear a world of difference if you listened to the original to any extent. It's punchier, heavier, more melodic, and I couldn't be more proud to say that it's the journey I intended you to take. So reach out if you want a copy~